The Innominate Society  of Louisville
Founded in 1926




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  Papers Presented to the Innominate Society Include:

A Colossal Mistake
  Presented By: Charles C. Smith JR. M.D.

A Royal Malidy
  Presented by: 
Charles C. Smith JR. M.D.

A Short Biographical Sketch of Rafinesque
  Presented By: R. Glen Spurling

A Wilde Irish Tale - The Medical Roots of Oscar Wilde
  Presented By: Arthur H. Keeney, M.D.

Against the Demons
  Presented By:  James D. McNeely, MD

Alexander's Fever: A Historical CPC
  Presented By: Philip A Mackowiak, M.D.

Anesthetics in the Treatment of Cholera
  Presented By: 
Dr. Eugene H. Conner

Another Tribute to Hippocrates
   Presented By:  S. Safford Ackerly, M.D.

Art of the Eye
  Presented BY:  Virginia Keeney, M.D

Baron Joseph Lister
Presented By By C.J. Armstrong, M.D. Professor of Surgery March 1927

Berlioz and Borodin
  Presented By: Rudolf J. Noer, M.D.

Bioterrorism - Smallpox
  Presented By:  Stanley Gall

Cardiac Replacement
Presented By:  Dr. Michael De Bakey

Causes of Death of Famous Men of History
  Presented By: Clyde McNeil M.D.

Changes in Medical Practice During the High Middle Ages in Paris
  Presented By: Elizabeth Pahk Cressman, M.D. , November 2001

Changing Concepts in Psychiatry
  Presented By:  Frank J. O'Brien M.D.

Charles Godfrey Leland:  The Forgotten American Scholar
  Presented By:  Morris M Weiss, M.D.

Contradictions Concerning the Death and Autopsy of John Wilkes Booth
  Presented By: Robert E. Arnold M.D.,  October 2002

David and Goliath
  Presented By: George B. Sanders  MD

Death and Disease in Ancient Rome
  Presented By: Linda Gigante, Associate Professor of History University of Louisville

Dian Fossey Gorilla Woman
Presented By:  Dr. Charles Oberst

Doctor August Fortel - Pro Humanitate
  Presented By: 
J. David McNeely, M.D.

Doctor J. Lawrence Smith
  Presented By: Henry G. Barbour, M.D.

Doctor Robert Knox and the Resurrectionists
  Presented By:  Dr. Harkness

Dr. William Beanes and the Privateers
  Presented By: Doctor Robert Arnold, M.D.

Doctor William Beaumont
  Presented By: C. J. Armstrong, M.D., Professor of Plastic surgery
   University of Louisville School of Medicine 1929

Don Esteban Maturin y Domanova
  Presented By: Dr. John Rice, January 5, 2004

Early Days In The Development of Anesthesia
  Presented By: Uly H. Smith, M.D.

Etruscan Origins
   Presented By: Morris Weiss, M.D.

  Presented By:  Dr. Cole

From Askelepious To Hippcratese
  Presented By:  Unknown

From Valvulotome to Pyrolyte Carbon: The History Of Heart Valve Surgery
  Presented By: Erle H. Austin, M.D., January  13, 2004

General George Rogers Clark: His Health and His Medical Attendants
   Presented By:Dr. E.H. Conner

Governor A.B. Chandler
   Presented By:  Dr. Hume

Hebraic Public Health
   Presented By: Wm. Curry Martin, M.D.

History of Appendicitis Vermiformis - Its diseases and treatment
  Presented By: Arthur C. McCarty, M.D., Professor of Medicine University of Louisville 1927

History of Real Transplants
   Presented By:  Allan M. Lansing M.D.

Homeopathy "Similia Similibus Curentur"
   Presented By: Edward L.W. Scofield, M.D.

Horace Holley
  Presented By:  T. Cook Smith, M.D.

Howard Taylor Ricketts and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
  Presented By: Donn L. Smith, Ph.D., M.D.

Hunter Holmes McGuire - Confederate Surgeon
  Presented By:  John F. Rice, M.D.

John Snow - The Anesthesiologist
  Presented By: Morris Weiss, M.D.

Karl Landsteiner
  Presented By: Ellis Fuller

Kentucky’s Early Lithotomists
  Presented BY:  M.J. Henry, M.D.

Kentucky's Orthopaedic Heritage
   Presented By: 
Alfred R. Shands, Jr., M.D.

Lawson Tait
   Presented By:
Laman A. Gray, M.D.

Leprosy:  A Tale of Two Men
   Presented By:  G. Randolph

Lewis and Clark Expedition:
The 200th Anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition-Some Medical Aspects and Interpersonal Connections”
   Presented By: Harold E. Kleinert, M.D., February 15, 2003 and March 23, 3003

Lewis Samuel McMurtry, "Pioneer Gynecologist"
   Presented By:
 Cecil L. Grumbles M.D. 

Louis Pasteur
  Presented By: J. Murray Kinsman, Feb. 1926

Medical Costs - Who Should Pay
  Presented By:  Gerald M. Peterson, M.D.

Medical Humanists of the Renaissance
  Presented By: Elizabeth Pahk Cressman MD, PhD.

Morsels of History, Mostly Medical, Some of which even have occurred during my life time, most of which I believe are true.
   Presented By:  Doctor Francis Wood

Military Surgery
   Presented By:  John T. Bate, M.D., Professor of Surgery University of Louisville, School of Medicine, 1928

MacKenzie the Magnificent
  Presentrd By:  J. Thomas Flowers, M.D.

Notes On Collecting Some Physicians' Great Books
Presented By: R. Ted Steinbock, M.D.

Observations of an OB-GYN Resident   1963-1966
  Presented By:  Charles Oberst, M.D.

Ophthalmic History:
Some Aspects of Ancient & More Recent Ophthalmic History

   Presented By:  Roderick Macdonald, Jr., B.S., M.D., F.A.C.S.

Other Medical Societies
   Presented By: Eugene H. Connor, M.D.

Patrick O'Brian - Naval Medicine and  Surgery
  Presented By:  Dr. John Rice

Phrenology in American Medicine
   Presented  By: Joseph B. Leroy, M.D.

Physicians in Kentucky
   Presented By:  Walter I Hume, Jr., M.D.

Pioneers In The Field Of Epidemiology
Daniel Drake Systematic Treatise Compared to August Hirsch's Handbook Of Geographical Pathology
  Presented By: Joan Titley Adams

Professor Emil Theodor Kocher,
Bern Switzerland August 25, 1841 to July 27, 1917

   Presented By: W. O. Johnson, M.D.

Red in Bed
   Presented By: Doctor Hoyt Gardner

Research Lessons from Major Walter Reed
  Presented By: Dr. William DeVries, March 10, 2001

Rene Descartes - Physiological-Minded Philosopher and Mathematician
   Presented By: Henry G. Barbour, Professor of Physiology and Pharmacology University of Louisville,
   January 10, 1927

Sexuality In The Victorian Era
Presented By: Robert C. Long, M.D.

Special Air Mission: Polio
  Presented By: Charles C. Smith, Jr. MD, February 11, 2003

Sun Yat Sen - Physician, Liberator, and Father of Modern China
esented By:  Tsu-Min Tsai, M.D

Telesphoros - Son of Asklepios
   Presented By:  Morris Weiss, M.D.

The Big Four
Presented By:
J. Duffy Hancock, M.D

The Burgholzli Clinic;
Cradle of Modern Western Psychiatry
Presented By:
J. David McNeely, M.D.

The Cane As A Status Symbol
  Presented Innominate Society  February 8, 1972

The Committee On The Costs Of Medical Care
  Presented By: Charles C. Smith, Jr. M.D.

The Faces and Men Behind the Syndromes
   Presented By:  Andy Dzenitis, M.D.

The Evolution Of Artificial Limbs
   Presented By:  J. Duffy Hancock, M.D.

The History of Management of Open Fractures
  Presented By:  James  Harkness, M.D.

The History of Obstretrics in the Western World
  Presented By: 
Dennis M. O'Connor. MD

The History of the Study of Respiration
   Presented By: J. Murray Kinsman M.D., Dean of University of Louisville, College of Medicine 1927

The Ideal Brain Tonic
  Presented By: Charles C. Smith, Jr., M.D. Retired Professor of Medicine
   University of Louisville School of Medicine

The Irish School of Medicine
  Presented By: J. Duffy Hancock M.D.

The O.S.S.
Presented By:  James Miller M.D.

The Rise and Fall of Mineral Springs Health Resorts in Southern Indiana
  Presented By:  John S. Llewellyn M.D.

The Sacred Disease
  Presented By:
H. Garretson, M.D., PH. D.

The Search for Old Forrester
  Presented By: 
Merv Hanes, M.D.

The Thorn In The Flesh
  Presented By:  Charles C. Smith Jr., M.D.

Thomas Willis
  Presented By: Doctor Garretson

Theodore Billroth, Father of Abdominal Surgery, 1829-1894
  Presented By:  Doctor Henry Collier

To Bleed Or Not To Bleed
  Presented By:  Henry Brewer, M.D.

Three Frontal Lobe Guys
  Presented By: John F. Rice, MD, FACR

Twins and History
  Presented By: Frank Falkne

Virchow's Mistake
   Presented By: Charles T. Lucas

Walter Dandy
  Presented By:  Ludwig Segerberg

Why I Became a Doctor and a Pediatrician:
The Duke-Walter Reed- Oxford-Louisville Connections in my Life

  Presented By:  Bill M Andrews, M.D.

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
   Presented By: Joseph C. Bell, M.D.

William Darlington, M.D.  Part Two
  Presented By:

Willy the Shake
  Presented By: 
Allan M. Lansing, M.D.


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