The Innominate Society  of Louisville
Founded in 1926




Charter Members

Presented Paper


  The Innominate Society of Louisville was founded on February 9, 1926 by
  a group of 12 young Louisville physicians interested in medical history.

  These young physicians decided to form this group to present papers on
  interesting aspects of medical history.

  The Society meets at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky on the
  second Tuesday of each month during the academic year.  During these
  meetings papers on interesting aspects of medical history are given on a
  rotational basis.  The papers are then routinely discussed by the members
  and their guests.

  During the spring of the year, the Society invites an authority on medical
  history to deliver an address.  This address is called the T.  Cook Smith
  Lecture and is named in commemoration of the loss of the first charter

  This site is to present those papers to the general public for there
  information and use.


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